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This website gives an introduction to the South Somerset Bridleways Association.

With the increasing popularity of riding, especially amongst the young, and the roads becoming more and more dangerous, safe rider routes are becoming vital.

Our Association was formed to preserve and maintain existing bridleways and to restore old rights of way, many of which were incorrectly classified, or not registered at all when the Definitive Map was made.

We aim to promote good relations with landowners, to work closely with County, District and Parish Councils, and to co-operate with other user groups.

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Latest news !

Map Modification Order for a bridleway in West Coker starting from Ridge Lane running southerly to Coker Hill Lane has been confirmed.

The SSBA thanks A.H. Warren Trust for their generous support for local riders and their continued assurance that the permissive bridleway will be available to us for the foreseeable future.



This permissive route goes along Coxford Lane from the east, and through a gate into the field at the end on the right.  It is important that the rider makes sure the gate is shut after they have gone through.  The route goes across this field to a gap in the hedge opposite.   This field is usually soft and A.H. Warren Trust has suggested that riders take a route around the obviously soft area. 


After going through the gap, keep to the hedge on the left which goes around the corner of the field to a gap on the left a little further along the hedge.   Please keep to the hedge line and do not cut across the corner.


After going through the gap in the hedge, turn right up the concrete track between the hedge and the muck heap.


At the end of this the route joins the north /south section of Venley Lane.   SSBA advises that riders turn left and go down the hill, along the hedgeline, to the bottom corner of the field and then turn right through the gap in the hedge and along the hedged section of Venley Lane which runs westwards uphill to the minor road.


Note that short sections of the lower end of the hedged end of Venley Lane can be wet and uneven.


The SSBA is very grateful to A.H.Warren Trust for offering this route.  Please be aware that it is only in place while riders act responsibly.  Keep to the hedgelines except in the field at the end of Coxford Lane where it is soft.  Please ride with consideration for the landowner, and do not jeopardise what is a valuable route for us off the A30.


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